Lee Jordan


A curated list of some of the products I have been involved with.


The scientific research browser plugin, Kopernio


The front end framework and pattern library for instasupply.com

Reflex grid

An open source lightweight responsive flexbox grid with cross browser support, an inline-block fallback and no polyfills


A combination of a traditional e-commerce storefront and a subscription service.


The front end framework and pattern library for graze.com

Graze blog

A static blog site built with middleman and contentful. Please note this site has been removed by the owner. so I'm linking to an archived version.

10k tube

My entry for the 10k apart competition where the challenge was to build a compelling web experience that can be delivered in 10kB and works without JavaScript.

Vita template

A one page resume site template. Highly customisable via LESS variables.


A DVD rental and video streaming website for a company that no longer exists (they got bought and consumed by amazon)

Lovefilm apps

A JavaScript video streaming app framework for iOS and smart TVs. The apps no longer exist unfortunately.