Lee Jordan

portrait of Lee Jordan

Hello there

I am a human male product designer and web developer. My name is Lee Jordan. This image of me was drawn by my friend Mike. I like it because it makes me look handsome and mysterious even though I am neither of those things.

On this site you can read my blog, look at my portfolio, or check out my art experiments.

If you want to know more about me you can read my manifesto, look at my github profile, look at my codepen profile, or send me an email. I'm also on twitter as @leenternet.


A collection of blog posts and case studies about UX and web development.


A curated list of some of the products I have been involved with.


The scientific research browser plugin, Kopernio

Art experiments

Experiments with CSS, layout, and web design in general. Yes, it IS art.


A short story about trees, and how we used to climb them.