Lee Jordan

Tricks and traps custom map for Hammerwatch

Tricks and traps custom map for Hammerwatch

Tricks and traps is a custom campaign built for the fantastic indie co-op dungeon crawler Hammerwatch. This campaign is inspired by the Doom II level of the same name.

#Installation instructions

  1. Get Hammerwatch
  2. Download "tricks and traps" custom campaign from me or subscribe to it on the steam workshop
  3. Unzip this file inside your hammerwatch/levels folder
  4. launch a custom game using the tricks and traps campaign


Here's a playthrough which contains spoilers by a Spanish gaming channel on youtube:

#What is Hammerwatch?

Hammerwatch is a great indie game by Jochum Skoglund and Niklas Myrberg which also comes with a really simple level editor for creating custom content. The game is similar to classic dungeon crawlers like Gauntlet or the more modern Magicka.

#Why recreate a Doom level?

When playing through the game I was struck by how much it shares with the Doom games. Despite the obvious differences (most notably of course Doom is a first person perspective game while Hammerwatch is a top down game) they have a lot in common thematically:

When I started playing with the Hammerwatch level editor I realised that while it is very easy to build a simple campaign, What I wanted to do was going to be a bit more complicated given the complexity of the Tricks and Traps level with all the moving walls, hidden secrets and teleports. Here is a video of somebody speedrunning through the level to give you some idea:

If you're interested in learning how to create Hammerwatch custom campaigns or mods I have collected some useful links here: